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Staff Augmentation

With Envision’s staff augmentation services, you get the best of both worlds. We have the consulting network of the larger agencies but offer the pricing, agility and personal care of a smaller boutique. Our seasoned team works fast to pinpoint and deliver the expert you need quickly and within your budget.

Staff Augmentation: Employers

Step 1: Learn Your Needs

In the first step of the staff augmentation process, you will work with one of our Talent Delivery Leads'. They will take the time to really understand your company's current needs and come up with the best plan to find you the best candidates. At this first stage, we will likely already have some candidates in mind.

Giving a Presentation

Step 2: We Search

After our Talent Delivery Lead takes the requirement our team will pinpoint the best candidates in the market for the position. In this stage, we will get to know each candidate before presenting them to you to ensure they have the skills needed for the position.

Working Together

Step 3: We Deliver

Once we have secured the best candidates in the market we will present them to you, schedule interviews, negotiate the terms of the contract, and take care of the entire onboarding process. It is our goal to make this as seamless as possible for everyone involved.

Staff Augmentation: Advice & Resources

Why Choose Us?

Envision is a team of seasoned talent delivery specialists with strong networks in niche IT talent markets. We also have extensive resources, searching and vetting techniques to source and attract hard-to-find candidates in a number of areas. This gives us the ability to not only secure the best talent, but also give our clients a pulse on a given market.

Staff Augmentation: Why Choose Us

Extensive Network

We have an extensive network of top-notch ERP consultants that we’ve built for years. Many of these consultants we have worked with in the past and have maintained a relationship with.

Direct Relationships

We leverage direct relationships on both the Client and Consultant sides; there are no extra layers, so we know our clients and candidates well, and work for the best interest of both parties.


With our more competitive pricing structure, we can often (A) deliver the same level of talent as the large firms, but at lower rates, or (B) deliver higher quality talent within the same budget.

Areas our team specializes in





JD Edwards

Other ERP applications as requested

Staff Augmentation: Advice & Resources


Actual recommendations from actual clients

Staff Augmentation: Testimonials

Envision is always willing to meet my needs, they'll do what it takes to make my teams successful and grow the relationship. We decided to work with Envision over other firms because they always provide the highest quality candidates.

Director of Enterprise Services

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