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Employee Spotlight: Brianna Reeves Ramos

This month we are excited to spotlight the women at Envision and share their accomplishments and journeys in the industry.

Brianna is our Marketing and Outreach Manager at Envision, she has been with ERG since 2018.

Share an overview of your professional journey, how did you get where you are today?

“I graduated from The University of Tampa in 2018 and began working for Envision Resource Group right away. I started as a technical recruiter and was devoted to learning the in’s and out’s of the industry. A few years later the opportunity arose for me to develop a marketing plan for ERG and I jumped on it. It has been an exciting journey and has grown a lot since I first started!”

What made you want to step into this industry?

“In college, I held a Quality Assurance internship and became really interested in the IT field. I started having conversations with several companies before I even graduated but Ryan’s passion for this work and the company he was building always stuck with me.”

What do you think you have done differently to be successful?

“Said yes to new opportunities and responsibilities that have been (even a little) of interest to me. In college I had a variety of internships. My last semester I had 3 different internships/jobs, it was a lot but it helped me narrow down what I really wanted to do and also helped me gain skills in a variety of areas.”

What do you enjoy most about your current position?

“Getting to utilize my creative skillset in such an exciting industry and with such a talented team is THE DREAM for anyone interested in marketing. I love researching and coming up with new ways to connect with our clients and consultants.

Do you have any advice for young women looking to start in recruiting or the marketing industry?

“- Be confident in the work you produce and your skillset, be willing to take risks; it is easy as a young professional to second guess everything you do and be timid in decision making, but some of my best work has come when I was confident in my skills and work.

- Be ready to learn and grow your skills every single day, learning doesn't stop once you graduate.

- Work hard but don’t forget to live life; it's okay to turn off your work email notifications every once in a while.”

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